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Cough Stress Test
Urodynamics Tests
Post-Void Residual Volume

There are several routine tests which are usually performed to try to find out what is causing bladder leaking. There are some supplementary tests which may be done to provide your healthcare professional with more information about your particular bladder problem. There are other specialized tests which are only necessary when it is difficult to find a cause for the leaking.

Routine Tests:

  1. Urine test for infection
  2. Medical history (including any medications you may be on)
  3. Physical exam of your pelvis - uterus, ovaries, tubes, and bladder
  4. Bladder diary (urolog)
  5. Test of the support of the urethra (tube leading from bladder to outside your body)
  6. Cough stress test
  7. Post-Void Residual Volume
Supplementary Tests:
  1. Pad Test -determines how much urine leaks from the bladder with physical activity.
  2. Record of Dietary Intake and Bowel Evacuation
Specialized Tests:
  1. Cystoscopy - looking inside the bladder with a scope
  2. Urodynamics - measuring pressures in the bladder and urethra
  3. Other imaging tests (e.g. bladder ultrasound)

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