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Urinary incontinence or bladder leaking happens when the when the bladder storage system fails. When it fails you lose urine in small amounts at the wrong time.

All women with incontinence can be helped - some women will be cured and others will at least have their quality of life improved.

Facts About Urinary Incontinence

One third of women over 30 years of age suffer from urinary incontinence.

It is not a disease but is a symptom indicating that the bladder is not working properly.

It is not caused by being female.

It is not caused by aging (but changes with age may add to the problem).

Urinary incontinence has a significant negative effect on women's quality of life. Many women forgo social and/or physical activities because of their urine leakage. This site will explain why leakage happens and outline factors in your life which you can modify to help your problem. As well, we will describe various treatments for your urine leakage and give you strategies to cope with your incontinence.

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