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Urgency Incontinence

Urge Incontinence - failure of the bladder storage system.


  • A loss of urine that is associated with a strong desire to urinate and an inability to delay long enough to get to a toilet.
  • It usually involves a large amount of urine loss at one time (soaked clothing, running down legs).
  • It may include urine loss on the way to the bathroom or the "key in the lock" / "hand on the doorknob" syndrome (no urge to urinate until the key is in the doorlock or the hand is on the knob and then it is impossible to wait).
  • A condition called "an unstable bladder" often causes urge incontinence.
  • It may be caused by a urinary tract infection or abnormalities in the nerve control of the bladder. However, in 85% of cases no abnormality is found.
  • More commonly, unstable bladder is caused by bladder irritation resulting from consumption of too much caffeine.
  • The bladder storage system fails and you cannot hold your urine.

1. Bladder Muscle Contracts
2. Urethra

Information on Treatments for Urgency Incontinence

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